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It happens every day. The knock on the door. The ring of the phone. “Can you help me?” For most congregations in Central Virginia this is a routine occurrence. “Is this for real? What can we do? How much can we help them? How often? Where else can they go?” These are big questions for faith organizations to answer. These questions are answered multiple times a day by Interfaith Outreach Association.

One of the greatest things IOA does for faith communities today is the processing of requests for assistance. Interfaith Outreach is made up of 83 member congregations, who pool together their resources to assist the needy. Interfaith Outreach carefully screens each client requiring proof of household income and household expenses for the last 30 days to create a 30 day budget for the family and to verify the financial need. Client information dating back to 1990 is stored on our computer database which allows us to reference the history of each client. Payments are made directly to landlords and utility companies. Thousands of references to other agencies that can offer assistance to the needy are made on a routine basis.

When the needy approach St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in downtown Lynchburg for assistance, most are sent directly to Interfaith Outreach Association. “Interfaith Outreach is able to do in 20 minutes what it would take me a day and half to accomplish,” said  the Reverend Todd Vie, Priest of St. Paul’s Church.

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What is Bridges Out of Poverty?

Interfaith Outreach is constantly updating their congregation contact list. We need each congregation to have an individual who can be the liaison between the congregation and Interfaith Outreach so they can receive important information about IOA and the Bridges Out of Poverty model. Please e-mail Executive Director, Shawne Farmer at ioashawne@ntelos.net for more information.

Walk a Mile in My Shoes — A Poverty Curriculum

Are you looking for a way for your group to take a look into the life of someone living in poverty? Walk a Mile in My Shoes gives groups a short course outline to identify daily struggles for people living in poverty. You can break the curriculum up into smaller segments that fit the time frame your group already has allotted for a weekly course or spend a little longer on an intensive study.

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Know someone who needs help?

Interfaith Outreach is happy to assist congregations in meeting the needs of those who call them for assistance. In the event that IOA is not able to assist someone, we can get them in touch with someone who can. Please call IOA prior to making recommendations to anyone calling for assistance so we can make sure we have both given them all of the information they need to be successful.  Our Community Resource Book is available for anyone but we recommend that anyone needing assistance from ANY agencies call the agency to get the most current information about their hours, requirements and procedures. 

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