Families in Central Virginia about to be homeless within a few days can be referred through CHIA (Coordinated Homeless Intake and Access) to the Interfaith Outreach Homeless Prevention Program.

Once referred to this program, they are screened and assessed. Once accepted into the program, families can be eligible for light rent assistance as well as heavy case management to assist them as they move toward stability and financial independence. Home plans are developed for each family including goals of increasing access to resources for health, food, jobs, budgeting, and other community resources, along with consistent follow-ups and check-ins.

Do you qualify?

The purpose of the Interfaith Outreach Homeless Prevention program is to prevent households/families on the edge of homelessness from becoming homeless. In an effort to reduce the size of Central Virginia’s homeless population, Interfaith offers light financial assistance and case management to prevent evictions from permanent housing and/or secure new housing for those displaced from a temporary residence.

Interfaith can help pay rent arrears or assist those with an eviction notice to preserve their current permanent housing situation. Others who have lost their home, moved to a hotel, or doubled up temporarily with friends or family are placed in new housing and offered light financial assistance for housing start up.

Client home improvement plans include budgeting, careers, healthcare, food, and transportation. The priority is keeping families together and safe at home.

Please call 434-427-CHIA to see if you are eligible for this program.