Governance Committee

  • Recruits board members — develops board member job descriptions; maintains a roster of and information on potential board members; functions as the “Nominating Committee” by presenting a slate of officers for election at the annual meeting; and determines board members’ eligibility for re-election.
  • Trains board members — conducts an orientation session for new and continuing board members following election; conducts at least two “board development” sessions during the year for continuing education; and fosters communication within the board (minutes, updates, email, phone, etc.)
  • Evaluates board performance — monitors and supports individual board members’ participation; recommends release of individual Board members; identifies and develops potential leaders within the Board; and conducts an annual self-assessment of the Board before the Nominating Committee meets.
  • Acts as the “personnel committee” for IOA — performs the annual evaluation of the Executive Director; and consults with the Executive Director on staffing issues.

Finance Committee

  • Recommends to the annual meeting of IOA a budget for the upcoming fiscal year.
  • Consults with each program coordinator and chairpersons of the Programs and Partnerships, Fund Development and Members and Friends Committees in preparing budget recommendations.
  • Monitors the monthly financial statements of IOA.
  • Recommends policies, procedures and actions relative to the finances of IOA and provides annual auditing of all accounts.
  • In concert with Members and Friends Committee and Fund Development Committee, works with Member Congregations and Friends on budget development, providing timely information to encourage strong financial support of IOA programs.

Fund Development Committee

  • Implements all fundraising: mass mail solicitations; legacy/estate/planned gifts; fundraising events; capital gifts (stocks, bonds, property, etc.)
  • Consults with Finance Committee on developing the annual budget.
  • Consults with Member Congregations and Friends on annual commitments to IOA.

Members and Friends Committee

  • Has the primary responsibility of maintaining effective communications between IOA and its Member Congregations and Friends.
  • Takes initiative to invite churches and other organizations to become Member Congregations of IOA.
  • Performs an evaluation function for IOA, soliciting feedback from Member Congregations of IOA.
  • Orients new Member Congregations and their representatives.
  • Encourages active participation by Member Congregations in the work of IOA.
  • Has responsibility for planning the annual and semi-annual meetings of the Association.
  • Performs such public relations functions as are required to keep the larger community and the Friends and Member Congregations regularly informed of the ministries of IOA.

Programs and Partnerships Committee

  • Recommends to IOA the certification of those programs and ministries that are consistent with its purposes and feasible with respect to its financial and volunteer resources; survey Member Congregations, their representatives and community leaders about needs for programs and ministries through IOA.
  • Assists the IOA Board of Directors in long-range planning, setting priorities and allocating resources.
  • Provides general supervision of all programs and ministries of IOA – meeting regularly with program and partnership chairpersons to develop and implement programs certified by IOA; receive quarterly reports from programs and partnerships.
  • Works with Members and Friends Committee to produce (or have produced) a quarterly newsletter for Member Congregations and Friends.